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Have spoken to shamen and he's chosen the wompum belt from me. Professional

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Location: Usta Muhammad
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Have spoken to shamen and he's chosen the wompum belt from me. I have arrived in the stone, examined it, used shovel on it used (a) a flashlight on crevis, (b) a candle onto crevis. Used rope on RuneScape gold crevis. It give me a message something like"It's too dark to watch". Sorry can't remember the precise wording, It's been about a week since I last tried. Must have attempted at least one hundred times and however fast I'm, the candle is thrown into the crevis and the rope won't attach.

I really don't know if it is relevent, but in the screenshot on the manual it reveals the rock as gray with a huge brown ring. Mine is grey? First of all it's really beneficial to always check your Quest Journal and also make sure that it says you're on the ideal track. To do that, click the blue star -- scroll down to the pursuit"Shilo Village" and see exactly what it says to do next. Given that: (a) You have talked at length with Trufitus; AND (b) Asked him about the Legend of Rashiliyia; AND Really, you know, listened to (read) the story; AND (d) Told Trufitis that you will search for your Temple of Strikes Za Roon.

THEN you're in fact ready to go and search for it. In locating Ah Za Roon, the manual is the most explicit in its instructions: Light the Candle with your Tinderbox, look at the mound and dig with your Spade. Twist your Lit Candle to the Fissure that looks, then toss your Rope down. Climb down and you'll be in a cavern. Go several paces south and you should find a Cave-In; search it and twist through. Be certain to not follow the paths along the river! Light the candle. 2. "Look" in the mound. 3. Dig with your spade. 4. Throw your candle to the fissure. 5. Then throw down your rope. 6. Climb down.

Looking at the real world, a subject that has been brought up a very long time past, and RuneScape, I had a great idea. (imagine dream reenactment from Windows 7 commercials) What could happen if I spent in a product, and used inflation to gain profit? In the actual world, the government must put money into the economy to keep it going, if just a couple million dollars here and there. In Sals clan chat quite a while ago, somebody brought up the issue about where everyone gets their cash. People gave the obvious response, monster drops, but it's very unlikely that each the money comes from monster drops.

Half the time, I don't even select UP the money! I was thinking about it, and the only sensible conclusion was that Jagex inserts cash into the economy, through general stores, specialty shops, pking drops, monster drops, and maybe even the GE. My thought, or buy OSRS gold rather, my prospective idea is that: Imagine if I purchased millions or thousands of a product, then held onto it for 3 years? Can I get money from the natural inflation of the market? Is there inflation in RuneScape (I'm pretty sure there's )? Please help and thanks ahead of time.

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