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Okay dokie, I'm having difficulty at TDS. Professional

4 weeks ago Services Usta Muhammad   55 views

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Okay dokie, I'm having difficulty at TDS. I moved some time ago, and I kinda got ~1-3 kills every trip. I don't have any chaotic weapons, and I've karils, all 3 void (no more deflector, I neglect at conquest), whip, chest, verac's skirt, dragon def, korasi's sword. Can anyone recommend a fantastic set-up, or RuneScape gold a good guide that manages my stats/gear? Each of the manuals I discovered have 88+ summoning, chaotics, DFS, or other stupidly substantial requirements.

You don't need a uni to receive 15 kills+ per trip, even at your level. I can inform you now. Anything, usually some sort of teleport because of exactly what I was last doing, however occasionally Archers/Warriors. Ammo: Broads. I use these for 10+ kills per trip at 78 ranged. They're cheap and not as poor as folks may make out. Weapon: Rune C'bow and Chaotic Longsword.

Special Weapon: Improved Excalibur. I usually take 4 meals, and a full tortoise of this 12-15 prayer potions (damn these go quickly ), a home tab, a set of boosting baskets but no defence, and darklight. Oh and also the lantern. You'll probably swap about things like CLS to get a Korasi's Sword or some thing (excellent 1handed stab weapon). I hope that helps, just recalling exactly what I use.

I am considering performing Monkey Madness (and the 2 quests you want to finish before it), and I had been wondering when I have the stats to do it relatively easily? Can I get through without perishing with these stats if I followed the manual? I'd probably be meleeing everything.

So I went f2p while I had been on holiday, and I decided that I'm going to receive 70 def until I start paying . I'm just about 38k off, but there are a few problems: Quite clearly, I'm f2p. Limits the amount of monsters. You understand. Bank space. I don't have some of it, so I need to buy food by the stock. I still have about 600k left from prior to my holiday, so that I could purchase food if I need to. Armor. As of now, I am using rune plate, legs, complete helm, and 2h. I don't know why but I added range and mage. Maybe someone knows a fantastic way to train protection and among these abilities? Thank you in advance!

I specifically asked if that picture was readable. So unprofessional. I have incontrovertible evidence, yet, whatever. Individuals on these forums have no real power anyway. I just wish to say how the CC has gone to shizzle. You men never do anything anymore. It used to be fun. Now it all seems to buy RS gold be is higher levels trying to make lower levels sense like shizzle for even trying, and every communal activity is for higher levels.