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Wateen Connector is exclusively for Wateen Telecom Users!
This software was originally made on request, but now being distributed publicly.

About Pakistan's Wateen Telcom

Wateen Telecom is a Internet Service Provider in Pakistan, its the latest new venture of Warid Telcom. Wateen established one of the largest country-wide WiMAX Network in the world!

About Wateen Connector

Wateen Connector lets you log into your Wateen Services as you usually do. The extra features that you get is that Wateen Connector allows you to Monitor your internet connection and if it goes down it will let you know about it, And will ask if you like to keep monitoring it. If you set monitoring on you will be notified as soon as you disconnect or get connected - Wateen Connector also has a Auto-Login feature that logs you into your Wateen Account easily and effort-lessly!.

Wateen Connector now lets you chat with other Wateen users using the chat services implemented on our website. One of the useful features that we added was the ability to view your bandwith usage from the application.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or Higher

Download the latest version

Wateen Connector v2.0.0

Important Update (Feburary 10, 2009):
The new version of Wateen Connector has been released. If you are using the old version, it is highly recommended you download the latest.

Sorry that this update took so long as we have been busy with new projects. Please keep supporting us by reporting any and all bugs / issues within this application.